This season involved twenty-two sixteen year-old contestants who had signed up to be in a reality show on an island, known as "Total Drama Island." The teens all had different expectations for what camp was going to be like, with the underlying idea that it was going to be luxurious. According to Chris, to be on the show, one had to be at least sixteen years old and be either "kooky, obnoxious, stuck-up, dense, loud, annoying, filthy, or anywhere remotely in between." The twenty-two teens chosen were divided into two separate teams; the Screaming Gophers and the Killer Bass. The two teams were given challenges every three days. The losing team would vote one of their members off and the contestant that was voted off would have to walk the Dock of Shame and board the Boat of Losers, which would then take them away. At some point in the competition, the teams would dissolve. After the merge the same elimination process would continue to happen, except then after every challenge only one to two people had invincibility and after every challenge the whole group had to vote somebody out instead of just one team. This process continued until only two people were left to compete in a final challenge where the last contestant standing won $100,000.


# Title Brief Summary Airdate Screenshot
1 Not So Happy Campers: Part 1 All the campers arrive to the island and try to get along with each other. They are split into two teams, The Screaming Gophers and The Killer Bass. There is first time romance, and rivalries are created. July 8, 2007 1
2 Not So Happy Campers: Part 2 The campers' first challenge is to jump off of a 1000ft cliff,

then build the perfect hot tub. Who will win, and who will end up wearing the dreaded Chicken Hat?

July 8, 2007 2
3 The Big Sleep The teams face their second challenge, an awake-a-thon. Heather's up to something, Trent and Gwen get mushy, and Owen's acting crazy. July 15, 2007 3
4 Dodgebrawl The Bass and Gophers face off when they find out that their next challenge is a dodge ball game. Will the Bass break their losing streak, and will Noah stop acting like a jerk? July 22, 2007 4
5 Not Quite Famous The campers next challenge is a talent contest, the only problem is that talent is what the two teams lack. Heather makes it a point to try and push Gwen's buttons, and Justin's hot rep just might be his downfall. July 29, 2007 5
6 The Sucky Outdoors The campers camp in the forest for one whole night but things get very "fishy" when the Gophers are attacked by a bear. Duncan puts some scare in the air, Izzy pranks her friends, Cody pees his pants, Geoff hits on Bridgette, and Katie and Sadie go wild! August 5, 2007 6
7 Phobia Factor Each camper is forced to face their worst fear. A bond of trust grows between Gwen and Trent, Geoff makes a few moves on Bridgette, Courtney claims she's not afraid of anything (liar!), Chris has fun, and Tyler claims the lamest fear of all! August 12, 2007 125px
8 Up The Creek The campers participate in a 3 part canoe race to Boney Island, the Deadliest Place in Muskoka! Izzy is acting crazier then ever, Cody hits on Gwen, Geoff has a shocking injury, sending the Bass into a crisis, Beth does something crazier than Izzy, believe it or not. And the R.C.M.P. comes for a visit. But who are they visiting? August 19, 2007 8
9 Paintball Deer Hunter The campers are split up into Deer and Hunters and each team has to go out and shoot as many of the other team's deer as possible. Courtney starts to "hate" Duncan, Heather's insufferable attitude pushes Beth to the edge and Cody comes face to face with a bear. August 26, 2007 9
10 If You Can't Take The Heat... Can the teams make a better meal than Chef? (most likely), Heather steps on more than a few toes to win, Trent gets a concussion, Lindsay betrays Heather, Harold is getting punked and Duncan gets another shot at love. September 2, 2007 10
11 Who Can You Trust ? The team's tensions are rising and everyone is feeling the effect. Can you trust your own team? The next challenge emphasizes exactly that question as the two teams are launched into a game where trust is the rule of the day. Can DJ trust Geoff? Will Courtney be beaten by apples? And how will Heather handle being assailed by jellyfish? So...Who Can You Trust? September 9, 2007 11
12 Basic Straining The campers are sent to a boot camp, with Chef Hatchet as the Sergeant. The only rule is to keep going until everyone drops out and one camper is left standing. Duncan is thrown in the fishing cabin for messing with Chef one too many times, and when Courtney confronts Duncan about breaking the rules, Duncan challenges her to break a rule for a change! September 16, 2007 12
13 X-treme Torture The campers are challenged to participate in an extreme sports challenge including Sofa Bed Skydiving, Mechanical Moose Rodeo Riding and Seadoo Water-Skiing on dry land. They are all playing to win the multi-massage mobile shower. Gwen and Bridgette are busy trying to find out who wrote a corny Haiku poem found in the main lodge, both of them wondering if it was meant for them. September 23, 2007 13
14 Brunch of Disgustingness The campers have reached the halfway point. Their reward one gets voted off this week. Their challenge is to eat a nine course meal of disgusting stuff the Chef has served up... including live grasshopper & anchovy pizza, and bunion soup with hangnail crackers. To make things interesting, Chris puts the guys against the girls in a Battle of the Sexes. September 30, 2007 14


# Title Brief Summary Airdate Screenshot
15 No Pain, No Game The teams are officially dissolved. It's every ruthless camper for themselves in a high stakes game of no pain, no game, where contestants must answer trivia questions or spin the Wheel of Misfortune and endure painful punishments. The prize? A luxurious trailer for the lucky winner. Also, Eva and Izzy return to camp. October 7, 2007 15
16 Search And Do Not Destroy The campers set out on a Scavenger Hunt for treasure challenge. Only they aren't hunting treasure, but the keys to the treasure chests! The keys are put in ridiculously dangerous places. During the hunt, Heather is outraged to see alliances forming, so she devises an evil plot against Gwen, using Trent to make her jealous. October 14, 2007 16
17 Hide and Be Sneaky The campers play an old fashioned game of Hide and Seek, with Chef Hatchet as their seeker. When you combine his guerrilla tactics, an obscenely powerful Super Soaker water-gun and hate for the campers, he means business! Duncan sets up a Secret Guy Alliance with DJ, Geoff and Owen to overthrow the gender gap. Then one by one Chef hunts and hoses down the campers until there is one remaining. October 21, 2007 17
18 That's Off the Chain! The campers are challenged to compete in the Tour de Wanwanakwa where they must not only race a treacherous Motor Cross Course, but also build their own bikes. During the first round, the campers are given another campers' bike, whoever's bike crossing the finish line, the owner gets to ride in the next round. Leshawna confesses she never learned to ride a bike, so Izzy takes her on the ride of her life! October 28, 2007 18
19 Hook, Line, and Screamer Chris and Chef are nowhere to be found in this spooky episode. The campers watch a horror movie about an escaped Chainsaw Psycho Killer who lives in the woods. Then one by one, the campers disappear, unaware that this whole thing is just another challenge created by the show's producers. But no one knows that there is actually a real psycho killer loose in the woods! And one of the campers is about to meet him...face-to-face! November 4, 2007 19
20 Wawanakwa Gone Wild! The campers are challenged to bag a beast! They have eight hours to trap a forest creature, but first they have to look in the creepy boathouse for hunting tools. Armed with nothing more than nets, buckets, paper towels and a tranquilizer gun, they trek off in search of their furry forest critters. Due to Izzy's harmful hunting skills, Heather gets shot in the butt with a tranquilizer gun. November 11, 2007 20
21 Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon The campers are paired up in teams again - only these are the most unholy alliances ever dreamt up by Chris. All three teams are handcuffed together in a twisted version of a Triathlon which includes force feeding each other, a trip to Boney Island to return Beth's evil Tiki doll and creating a Totem Pole of Shame using carved wooden heads of their former team mates. Who will win the race?! Gwen & Geoff form a rivalry (that Geoff doesn't know about), but his warm and friendly nature wins her over in time. Only one chained 'friend' leaves the island. November 18, 2007 21
22 Haut Camp-ture In this special episode, we visit the campers that were voted off the island and sent to a luxurious resort for plenty of relaxation and juicy gossip, at Playa des Losers. We see what happens to the campers after they walked the Dock of Shame and we find out who they think deserves to win the one hundred grand. Also in this special episode, the ousted campers choose who gets to join them! November 25, 2007 125px
23 Camp Castaways A torrential rainstorm washes away the cabins and the remaining campers wake up in the middle of Lake Leech with no idea where they are. They paddle the remains of their cabin to a nearby beach, but are unnerved by the spooky surroundings. They argue whether they’ve landed on a deserted island, drifted downstream from camp or are simply part of another one of Chris’s twisted challenges. Alliances are made, and Owen makes a new friend. December 2, 2007 23
24 Are We There Yeti? The campers have a rude awakening, literally -- when they wake up in the middle of the wilderness. Sergeant Chef is in charge of the challenge, puts his troops through a grueling mission. They must find base camp with only a few supplies. The teams break into pairs, while one team leaves with the map and food, the other team is stuck with toilet paper and a compass. A cat and mouse game ensues as each team baits and traps the other. December 9, 2007 24
25 I Triple Dog Dare You! In the semi-final round, the 3 remaining campers are forced to play a game of I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU, a twisted version of "spin the bottle meets truth or dare". Their former campers came up with the sickest, twisted, cruelest dares they could think of to inflict humiliation. Dares include licking Owen's armpit, eating your own toenails and giving a purple nurple to a grizzly bear. In the end of the episode, Gwen & Owen decide to team-up on Heather. December 16, 2007 25
26 The Very Last Episode, Really? It's the finals and there's a surprise in store for our two reigning champs. All the former team mates have been invited back to watch the last challenge - and some of them are even participating! The final challenge is a long distance "Rejected Olympic" run. The competitors must shimmy up a totem pole and grab a flag, climb a mountain while carrying an eagle's egg then run through the forest to the finish line. The ousted campers are free to heckle or cheer as loud as they want! January 1, 2008 26
27 Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island With the competition over, and someone winning the money, the campers are ready to head home, but will they get the opportunity to? Chris has one final challenge for all of the contestants, forcing them to form their own respective teams, and participate in an all-out, no-rules hunt for one... million... dollars! However, after a series of unpredictable and out-of-control events, there is only one way this challenge can end. November 28, 2008