The Zimmer Twins was a kids cross-media TV show created in 2005 by Jason Krogh and Aaron Leighton. It was distributed by Teletoon and zinc Roe design, and was funded by the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund (otherwise known as BellFund). The show starred two kids (Edgar and Eva) and a talking cat (13) who all have psychic powers and live in a normal yet fantastical environment. The kids create the premises for each 1 minute episode via a website, where kids could make their own animations by using an animation clip library, they could chose to star their movie off with a starter and end it off with a cliffhanger, or they could just make their own movies from scratch. The people at Teletoon and zinc Roe design would then choose the very best movies and endings to starters and broadcast them with sound effects, voice overs, and other extras. There is also a French version of the Zimmer Twins called Jumeaux Zimmer which was also created the same year by the same people at the same company. Season 1 had 60 episodes, 32 English and 32 French. Season 2 had 120 episodes of each version. Season 3 had 30+ more episodes of the same version before ending the Teletoon versions as a whole. The Teletoon series ran from 2005-2008. In 2008, there was an online competition called the Golden Idol Awards, where kids that went on the website voted 3 of the very best episodes out of a huge selection of episodes, which was later announced in a TV special called The Zimmer Twins Present: The Golden Idol Awards, in which the premise is that the Zimmer Twins need to get to the awards show while it is still going (hosted by 13) before their "BIG Rockin' Finish", where the winners were announced on the TV special. As an add-on, from 2007-2008, there was an Austrailian Zimmer Twins that aired on Roller Coaster on ABC. Also, from 2008-2009, there was an American Zimmer Twins that aired on Qubo on NBC, Ion Televison, Telemundo, and the Qubo Channel before the whole series ended entirely due to lack of money. The main website still exsists.