Sharon Spitz
Sharon Spitz
Biographical Information
Real Name: Sharon Esther Spitz
Age: 14

Helen Spitz (mother)
Richard Spitz (Father)


Adam Spitz (Brother)
Josh Spitz (Brother)


Maria Wong
Connor MacKenzie


Alden Jones (Boyfriend)

Character Information
Show: Braceface
First appearance: Brace Yourself
Voiced by: Alicia Silverstone

Sharon Esther Spitz is a cute and very beautiful fourteen-year old teenage seventh grade Middle School student.

With green eyes and waist-length blonde hair, it is difficult to believe she has what she feels is a difficult time in life. She wears a light blue shirt and dark blue pants and has waist-length blonde hair, usually found with a light blue clip in it. She has a tan skin tone, bright green eyes and also sports unusual silver braces. They sometimes cause trouble for her.

In later years she wears dark blue jeans and a bright pink shirt with a light green necklace.