Prince Franz
Prince Franz
Biographical Information
Real Name: Prince Francis Joseph I
Alias: Prince Franz
Emperor of Austria
Birth: 18 August 1830
Age: 22
Originally From: Vienna, Austria

Empress Sophia (Mother)


Prince Karl (Brother)


Princess Sissi (Fiancé)
Helena Von Grossberg (Betroved)


Royal Family

Height: 6'2
Character Information
Show: Princess Sissi
First appearance: The Unexpected Guests
Voiced by: Terrence Scammell

Historical NotesEdit

  • In real life Sisi had an older sister named Helene who was supposed to be betrothed to Emperor Franz Joseph as desired by Archduchess Sophie, however upon laying eyes on Sisi, Franz Joseph feel madly in love with her and demanded to marry her over Helene.
  • In 1867, Emperor Franz signed the Ausgleich, which officially turned Austria into Austria-Hungary. Both countries would have their own governments, with a shared head of state. Count Gyula Andrassy was the first Prime Minister of Hungary after 1867.
  • Sisi's relationship with Franz Joseph wasn't as romantic as in the show. While Franz Joseph was passionately in love with her, Sisi never fully felt the same way and was emotionally distant from him. She ended up avoiding him and court life as much as she could.