Maria Wong
Maria Wong
Biographical Information
Real Name: Maria Wong
Age: 14
Originally From: Canada

Sharon Spitz
Conner Mackenzie


Brock Leighton

Character Information
Show: Braceface
First appearance: Brace Yourself
Voiced by: Marnie McPhail

'Maria Wong is a reasonably attractive girl, she hides behind the exterior of a tomboy and sports fanatic. Maria has brown eyes and black hair with two locks of near-auburn close in shade to her mother's lighter hair color. When not up in its usual twin-bun ox-horns, her long straight hair reaches to the small of her back. She is laid back but incredibly organized except for her room is always a mess. Loyal and honest, Maria knows when to give Sharon Spitz a shoulder to cry on, and when to tell her to "get over herself".

Maria loves extreme sports, and is always trying to get her friends to join her, but Sharon and Connor do not share Maria's thirst for danger or competitive streak. Because of this, Maria usually ends up whizzing down the snowboarding pipe on her own while her friends cheer her on from a safe distance.

Maria has an older sister, Lee, who attends college but comes home during the holidays, especially sharing in the family Christmas traditions[1]. Maria occasionally talks about her. Maria also happens to be brilliant in school, but she is no goody-goody. She and Sharon have been "partners in crime" on more than one occasion.