Season 1: 2007Edit

Episode Title Airdate (Canada) Airdate (USA) Synopsis
1 Pull My Pigtail / Class Cow March 16, 2007 September 7, 2007 Pull My Pigtail: It's Valentine's Day at Wayside School and Dana attempts to force Todd to fall in love with Maurecia by making him pull her ponytail. Meanwhile, Principal Kidswatter thinks Myron is his guardian angel.

Class Cow: While Mrs. Jewls is on a faculty retreat a cow wonders into the class. The students believe it to be their substitute teacher and end up learning more from the cow.

2 Meet the Pets / Oh, Great Leader March 24, 2007 June 25, 2007 Meet the Pets: After Todd tells how he has once lost a goldfish named King Arthur, everyone brings their pets into school and Todd must watch them so that he'd learn to be more "responsible". However, when the pets escape and run all over the school, Todd will need some help from his friends. Todd finally brings a new live fish named King Arthur the Second.

Oh, Great Leader: The students try to throw principal Kidswatter a surprise birthday party, but he thinks they are trying to get rid of him.

3 Honors Class / Cabbage, My Boy March 31, 2007 July 6, 2007 Honors Class: Maurecia is promoted to the Honors Class instead of Dana. Now she must "escape" it at all costs, while Dana tries to enter. In the end, we find out Mrs. Jewls' class is actually double Honors Class.

Cabbage, My Boy: Myron adopts a head of lettuce as his younger brother. Mrs. Jewls assigns an assignment dealing with families. Todd doesn't have any siblings, so he has to find a way to complete the project.

4 Mascot Madness / He is It April 7, 2007 June 26, 2007 Mascot Madness: The tetherball team kids want Todd to be the new mascot so that they can finally win some games, but Todd does not want to, so Dana creates a giant version of his head for Myron to wear, and he becomes "Big-Head Todd".

He Is It: During a game of tag, Todd tags Myron, who starts demanding special treatment, and because everyone has to follow the rules, no one can disobey him. (This is the first appearance of Timmy Tricky who does not officially appear until "Mad Hot".)

5 Best Friendzzz / Kindergarten King April 14, 2007 July 3, 2007 Best Friendzzz: Myron and Dana have been best friends for a long time but one day after they get into a big fight, they decide not to be best friends anymore. So Myron becomes Shari's new best friend (although she is asleep) and Dana becomes Todd's new best friend.

Kindergarten King: After being sent home early on the kindergarten bus by Mrs. Jewls, Todd saves a kindergartener's toy, and they make him their king.

6 Myron vs. Normy / Age of Aquarium April 21, 2007 June 28, 2007 Myron vs. Normy: In order to avoid getting in trouble, Myron pretends to be Normy, his made up twin brother. When he returns to the class, everyone thinks he is cool (and in Dana's case, cute) and they want him to class President. However, Todd(and Shari) can see right through "Normy", and Todd tries to get Myron to tell everybody it is really him.

Age of Aquarium: On a Wayside field trip, instead of the kids going to the aquarium, the fish come to them. The classroom is filled with water and fish, but Todd has to sit it out in a life raft since he forgot his permission slip. Seeing this as a perfect chance to be alone with Todd, Maurecia eats her permission slip and has to sit with Todd. She spends her time trying to hold his hand, while underwater Dana tries to find something that will be interesting for Myron.

Note: In "Myron vs. Normy", Shari talks for the first time ever. She said Myron's name because she knew it was Myron too.

7 Channel Kidswatter / The Elevator May 4, 2007 July 2, 2007 Channel Kidswatter: Principal Kidswatter wants to run a home-shopping channel out of his office, and gets the students to supply his cheesy inventory of trinkets under the guise of a new "arts" curriculum. Todd tries to prevent it from happening, but then works for it. So it's up to Maurecia and Jenny to stop the home shopping channel.

The Elevator: The stairs are out of order and Todd puts his hand on the 1st floor sign, which is actually an elevator button. (The elevators in Wayside School only work when the stairs are out of order). Todd and Principal Kidswatter (Principal Kidswatter thinks it is the bathroom) go in the elevator, then the elevator becomes stuck between the 15th and 16th floors. Todd is stuck with a crying Principal Kidswatter in the elevator. To save them, Dana, Myron, and Louis become the Rescue Dudes, calling themselves all Louis.

8 Mad Hot / Mamaland Blues May 5, 2007 July 3, 2007 Mad Hot: Principal Kidswatter challenges another school for the annual Wayside dance competition. He then picks a random team consisting of Todd, Maurecia, Dana and Myron.

Mamaland Blues: Dana finds a marriage certificate that she thinks might make Miss Mush related to her.

9 Principles of Principals / Teacher's Parent Conference May 12, 2007 June 29, 2007 Principles of Principals: Todd enters the Principal for a day contest and wins. No one else has entered it because it is a trap, as the winner has to do everything on Kidswatter's super-long list. Todd decides to complete the list, and improve the school all in one day.

Teacher's Parent Conference: It's Teacher-Grading-Day, and everyone in the 30th class must submit a report card on what they think of Mrs. Jewls. Todd, on hearing about this, gave Mrs. Jewls a bad mark so that she won't send him home on the Kindergarten bus. Now she must stay after school along with her father, Mr. Jewls. He threatens to send Mrs. Jewls to teach at a private school, so Dana and the other students decide to help Todd to "be a better student" so Mrs. Jewls can stay at Wayside.

10 Rat in Shining Armor / Mrs. Gorf May 19, 2007 July 12, 2007 Rat in Shining Armor: It's the spring Halloween dance and everyone must dress up as something. Maurecia wants Todd to dance with her until Todd finally says no. Feeling bad for Maurecia, Miss Mush puts her dead rat in an old knight suit so Maurecia has someone to dance with making Todd jealous. Todd finds out that it's Miss Mush's dead rat in the suit so he exchanges costumes with him.

Mrs. Gorf: The 30th floor class is on a camping trip on the 6th floor. Maurecia promises Todd she won't punch him in the arm if he sits with her. Todd doesn't believe her and says she will always try to punch him. Dana explains to Todd that she was never rough do to her kind nature back when Mrs. Gorf was their teacher. From there Dana explains who Mrs. Gorf was and how different their class was before Todd came when Mrs. Jewls was sick.

Note: The episode "Mrs. Gorf" was based off the first chapter of Sideways Stories from Wayside School.

11 Todd Falls in Love / French Fried October 26, 2007 October 13, 2007 Todd Falls in Love: Todd arrives at school and finds out Maurecia has posted pictures of love posters about Todd all over the school. Todd decides he would do anything to prove that he will not be her boyfriend so he eats Mush's mushroom surprise that makes him fall in love with Mrs. Jewls, Maurecia finds out and tries to get Todd to like her again.

French Fried: A new chef, named Le Chef starts cooking for the teachers lounge (and later the students) which makes Miss Mush jealous. To prove which cook is better Miss Mush and Le Chef enter Maurecia's cooking challenge.

12 Music Lessons / A Todd & Bull Story November 17, 2007 November 9, 2007 Music Lessons: Myron discovers a strange nose flute called the Schrumplefoozle, and uses it to control his friends. However, it also makes cows tear down the school.

Todd & Bull Story: After losing a match to La Boca Loca the bull, Principal Kidswatter starts crying on the PA. Todd tries to give "Make Me Happy" flowers to Kidswatter, but is told to put them in the basement with the other roses. When the kids mistake a pile of stage props for a Wishing Well, Todd makes their wishes come true. Kidswatter then makes them re-create a bull fight from his past!

13 My Partner Gets All the Credit / Daring Love September 9, 2007 August 2, 2007 My Partner Gets All the Credit: Maurecia is Paired with Myron in the Wayside Games, and since Myron is not a good athlete, she must do all of the work. However, every time win an event, Myron gets the credit and Maurecia is starting to get angry at Myron. She is then considering of controlling him with the Schrumplefoozle.

Daring Love: After over hearing them on the playground, Todd is convinced that both Maurecia and Jenny are in love with him.

14 Louis Gets Some Class / My Fluffy Hair September 23, 2007 September 23, 2007 Louis Gets Some Class: Kidswatter finds out that Louis never graduated, and sends him back to class. Myron gets upset that Louis is more popular than he is. Later he finds out that Kidswatter didn't graduate.

My Fluffy Hair: Fluffy feels rejected because he thinks Maurecia is paying more attention to Todd than to him, so he runs away. Mr. K. finds Fluffy and mistakes him for a wig. Fluffy decides to use this "power" to get revenge on his mortal enemy, Todd.

Season 2: 2007-2008Edit

Episode Title Airdate (Canada) Airdate (USA) Synopsis
15 Dana Checks Out / My Biggest Fan 2007 Dana Checks Out: Dana is sick of rules and goes on a "road trip" to every floor of the school. The kids must get her back before she winds up on the 19th floor. Myron takes over the class and it gets ruined.

My Biggest Fan: When Kidswatter rejects him, Myron looks for a new hero.

16 Kidswatter: The Movie / Safety Monitor October 16, 2007 Kidswatter: The Movie: The kids decide to make a movie about Principal Kidswatter, and Todd is cast in the lead role. However, he soon becomes even worse than the real Kidswatter. Todd, through tears in his eyes, says that his success has become a failure, but Myron interrupts. The class watches the Kidswatter movie, and after the ending, tears are in Kidswatter's eyes.

Safety Monitor: When Myron fails at being Safety Monitor, Maurecia takes over, and her idea of safety goes a little too far. Myron tries to reclaim his position, by ripping all of Maurecia's safety violation slips. Kidswatter is taming a lion.

17 Sideways Protest / Be True To Your Elf December 17, 2007 Be True to Your Elf: When someone makes fun of his elf costume, Stephen tries to be "Mr. Normal" so he can lead the school parade.

Note: Starting from this episode the series is now in flash animation, and most of the characters have different looks.

Sideways Protest: Kidswatter decides to move the school, so all the students protest. All of their protests end up making the school better, so Kidswatter disguises himself as a student to stop them.

18 Oh, Brother / Snow Day October 19, 2007 Oh, Brother: Goon, Dana's older brother, visits and Myron wants to be a rebel just like him, but he's not a rebel. Mrs. Jewls and Kidswatter try to capture him. Mrs. Jewls tells Todd, Maurecia, and Dana that Goon is a fugitive. Meanwhile, Todd and friends save Goon from being captured.

Snow Day: Mr. Kidswatter turns up the coldness for Mrs. Jewls' skating lesson. Myron, being the leader, traps the class with it and Maurecia's group. Todd's group learns how to survive. Later, Todd's group and Maurecia's group go to war.

19 The Rat Truth / Free Stewy November 18, 2007 The Rat Truth: Sammy is terribly sick (but dead) so Miss Mush randomly asks Dana to watch him while she goes on a hunt for the golden pot of Mamaland that makes food to cure the sick. Sammy becomes a truth stick in Mrs. Jewls's class and is feeding words into his mouth. Later, Sammy is kidnapped by Mr. Kidswatter.

Free Stewy: Todd and Maurecia free an octopus that he thinks Miss Mush is going to cook. Kidswatter is now hunting for the creature since he thinks it ate his fish sticks.

Note: In "Free Stewy", Dana breaks the fourth wall by telling the kids not to try to squeeze books together at home, and she was a trained professional, also Stewy is different from Poobinskie, Poobinskie is a small pink and purple squid, while Stewy is a large, grey octopus.

20 Extra Curricular Riddicular / Christmas December 24, 2007 Extra Curricular Riddicular: All the kids are forming bizarre after-school clubs, except for Todd, who creates a “Science Club.” Myron laughs at him, believing his club will be better, until he sees Todd’s club has managed to build a functioning rocket. Jealous Myron tries to form a science club and build a rocket of his own. Myron accidentally launches the rocket Kidswatter is in and makes Todd cry. Todd wants to confront Myron, until Dana stops both of them from ruining more of their friendship.

Wayside Christmas: When Myron does not give Bebe a Secret Santa gift, a series of haphazard events confuse Myron into thinking he’s actually stuck in his own version of “A Christmas Carol”. The other kids, including Todd, Dana and Maurecia, are baffled as he mistakes them for Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present(mistaken for Christmas Everyday by Myron) , and Future(mistaken for Christmas Summer by Myron), and in the end, Myron learns his lesson.

21 Le Race / Imperfect Attendance March 3, 2008 August 25, 2008

Le Race: Ever since Kidswatter fired Le Chef in French Fried, he has been trying to get revenge on Kidswatter. One day, Myron receives a note saying Kidswatter is to be challenged to a game of Parkour with the chef. Can Kidswatter beat this match before Le Chef takes over the school?

Imperfect Attendance: Shari, Maurecia, Myron, Todd and Louis are all in need of help and they need Dana to help them. The only problem is, Dana is beating a record today of perfect attendance (1,448 days in a row). Can she beat the record and save the students before the bell rings?

22 Kidswatter's Opus / The Three Erics March 17, 2007 Kidswater Opus/ December 3, 2007 The Three Erics March 3, 2008

Kidswatter's Opus: Mrs. Jewls is sick. So the kids need a substitute. Unfortunately, all substitutes aren't available so Kidswatter has to step in as a substitute and teach everyone stuff the Kidswatter way.

The Three Erics: In Mrs. Jewls' class, Eric Bacon and Eric Fry are the ones getting picked and getting gold stars and Eric Ovens is never picked. Because he is the smallest Eric, he isn't picked a lot. When Myron convinces Eric Ovens to become Myron Ovens, the Erics need another Eric who'll do the same as them. Maurecia is picked just so she can be in the same column as Todd. But things get worse when Myron Ovens wants to become Eric again.

23 Miss Fortune / The Note 2008 August 27, 2008

Miss Fortune: It's a regular day at Wayside. Miss Mush suddenly asks Myron, Dana, Maurecia and Todd about their future careers. She makes bowls of Mushroom Surprise that tell the future at the bottom. Meanwhile, Kidswatter sees his future from the last time he ate Mushroom Surprise and wants to change it.

The Note: One day, Mrs. Jewls gives the class a pop quiz and the kids need to finish it by the time Mrs. Jewls gets a high score in pinball. During the exam, Maurecia tries to pass a note to Todd but accidentally gets it passed to Eric Fry who starts a chain of the whole class answering Maurecia's note. Todd now needs to get the note back from everyone including Kidswatter who gets lies saying the note says how much Mr. Kidswatter is liked.

24 Myth Of Nick / Dr. Dana April 1, 2008 August 28, 2008

Myth of Nick: After hearing too many myths of a kid named Nick, Todd wants to take rid of them. He learns all of "Nick's" old tricks. Telling Maurecia, Dana, and Myron about the fake myths, Todd, with a snorkel over his mouth, dives in a can of beans, and comes out, speaking in a muffled voice. Meanwhile, Todd knows and tells the class that "Nick", who is Louis, exists.

Dr. Dana: Dana hosts a radio advice show that gives people advice. When Dana loses her voice and Myron takes over, the Erics take her to the nurse (Miss Mush) and things in Wayside go out of control (including Fluffy coming after Stephen, Maurecia trying to punch Todd, and upside down John's two feet punching each other). Dana's voice is restored, and she confronts Myron. She doesn't want the radio show renewed. After yelling at Dana, Myron loses his voice, while Todd and Maurecia and the class are listening to Dana saying that Myron will do.

25 Slow Mo Mo / Joe 'N' Fro April 19, 2008 August 29, 2008

Slow Mo Mo: Maurecia loves being fast and first because of her wheels on her roller skates. But one day when Maurecia and Principal Kidswatter bump into each other (because of Maurecia's wheels), Kidswatter bans all round things from Wayside School including Maurecia's wheels and everything round becomes squared. She hates it because she is last, slow and late for everything. Kidswatter tries again and makes everything squared become round again. Meanwhile, Todd, Dana, and Myron join Maurecia.

Joe 'N' Fro: Kidswatter is planning his new lawn "gazebo" project. Joe manages to hide rabbits and a chipmunk in his large orange afro. But when a peanut is thrown at Todd's head, Todd, Dana, Myron, and Maurecia start to confront Joe until he also hides a squirrel in his hair and manages to get Mr. Kidswatter to put all of the trees back in the yard. Meanwhile, Myron is sneezing when standing near Joe and has everyone thinking he's allergic to Joe when he's actually allergic to the chipmunk. Then Todd, Maurecia, and Dana learn the specialness of Joe and his special afro.

26 Upside Down John / The Final Stretch July 9, 2008 August 29, 2008

Upside Down John: It's the 30th floor science fair today and John is showing his science volcano. Unfortunately, it fails! John then starts to think that his project failed because he and his project is upside down. So, Todd, Myron, Dana and Maurecia try to help crying John get right-side up, just like the kids who are parallel and are upside down. Meanwhile, Kidswatter is doing an I.Q. test to see if he is smart. Mrs. Jewls tells John, without the help from Todd, Maurecia, Dana, and Myron, that being upside down is not a bad thing.

The Final Stretch: Principal Kidswatter's rubber band ball has gone missing and he asks Stephen, Mauricea, Todd, Dana, Myron and a cow who took it. A crying Stephen blames Myron, Myron blames Dana, Dana blames Maurecia, Maurecia blames Todd, Todd blames no one, and the cow blames Kidswatter.