This is a guide to the episodes of Stoked and short summaries of them.

Season 1 Episodes Edit

Welcome to Paradise, Dudes! (Part 1 of 2) Edit

The group Reef, Emma and Fin first arrive at Sunset Beach to find out the place was trashed by Lo's party. They then spend the rest of the day cleaning up the hotel...

Another Grom Bites the Dust (Part 2 of 2) Edit

The group is still cleaning up the place when Lo suddenly gets a job as punishment and is sent to the staff house in disgrace. She then bunks with Fin, and soon Emma...

Board and Confused Edit

It's Grom Iniation! The seniors (Ripper, Lance, Kelly, Johnny and Ty) torture the groms, if they survive they get to see, The Office, a "Perfect Surf Spot"...

Take your Kook To Work Day Edit

Emma wants Ty to notice her and Lo soon tells her the only way is to make him jealous. But bringing a kook to the Office soon becomes a bad idea...

Waves of Cheese Edit

Fin takes offence when Reef uses lines from a movie called Break Point to hit on a girl. Fin then resolves to take revenge on Reef..

The Very Very Very Very Very Important Guest Edit

When Bummer announces a man named Stanley Stevens is coming to the hotel, he makes the employees work harder than ever. But when they learn they kissed up to the wrong guy it's up to the groms to save the day.

Hang 9 Edit

After Reef brakes his baby toe from crashing into a catamaran, he gets the whole week off. Fin then becomes the new replacement surf instructor. But when Bummer tries to make her permanent, it's up to her to prove Reef should still be the instructor.

Fast Times when the Rip Tide's High Edit

After Reef and Fin get stranded on a "island", they decide to try and survive. Meanwhile, Lo gets a vintage surfboard group to the hotel to try and get her dad impressed. But when things go wrong, Emma and Lo have to stop Broseph from doing something he'd regret!

Reef And That Evil Totem Edit

With no waves at the Office, Reef, Johnny and Broseph decide to jump of the waterfall. Reef then finds a tiki, but after he takes it from the office things start to go horribly wrong for him!

Charging into the Night Edit

After the Sci-Fi convention comes and Bummer overworks them, the groms trick him and Kelly to go on a date with each other. But when the power goes off, they get more than what they bargained for!

O Broseph, Where Art Thou Edit

After Lo unintentionally causes Emma to get two strikes, she sees Mr. Marvin give Emma a "1" on a guest evaluation for overpricing the foods, though it was Lo's fault. Lo and Fin decide to try and save Emma's butt from getting fired for the second time.

Reef, Broseph, and Emma's Totally Stupid Adventure Edit

When getting Beaver Tails, Broseph took Bummer's golf cart, then they get lost. Meanwhile, Lo is left out of the family vacation.

Boards of Glory Edit

When Mr. Ridgemount loses a competition with his biggest rival, Captain Ron, it's up to Reef and Broseph to save their title!

Groms Gone Wild Edit

When Bummer leaves, Johnny is left in charge. After listening to the groms, Johnny becomes a "fun" boss. But things go horribly wrong...

Chum Music Edit

Lo says she's dating a rock star (which she isn't) and tells everyone. But when he's at the hotel, she has to keep up the charade or else...

Penthouse of Horror Edit

The Groms find a room which is supposedly haunted. The Kahuna finds himself in a fight with an undead fish stick, and Emma and Johnny go night surfing.

Mr. WahineEdit

After Fin and Reef tie at a practice contest, Reef competes in a girl-only surf contest to try to prove that he can beat Fin in a real contest, until he takes it too far...

Grand Theft Whale Bus Edit

When a band comes to town, the groms decide to see them. However, The Kahuna can't take them so Johnny does. But, later, something so epic happens that it may change the series forever...!

A Boy Named Leslie Edit

Reef is stoked because he is a judge for a bikini contest! Things are looking good until his mom comes by for a surprise visit.

Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Heart of Clam? Edit

In the name of revenge, the groms attempt to steal Captain Clam's costume but end up with Captain Clam instead. Reef goes on a date with a girl from Fin's past, ignoring Fin's advice not to and Reef's plans backfire.

Slumber Party Animals Edit

Lo's mother insist that girls come up to the Penthouse to have a slumber party with her.

Endless Bummer Edit

When Bummer has a meltdown, the groms try to school Bummer in their laid back ways, and Emma goes on a date with Johnny.

Brofinger Edit

Reef and Fin compete to get the attention of an energy drink sponsor. Broseph is tested and Emma goes on a date with Ripper.

A Prank Too Far Edit

Reef and Broseph bombard Bummer with pranks and their greatest goes too far. Emma uses questionable methods to get even with some rude guests.

The Pirate who Came to Lunch Edit

Trying to sweet talk her parents into taking her along on a family trip, Lo has lunch with her family and Ty's date... Kelly. Broseph get's his hair braided and mysteriously loses his surf stoke.

The Day the Sea Stood Still Edit

The ocean is flat! A lack of waves is driving the groms crazy and Mr. Ridgemount has a life changing experience, believing that he needs to be kinder to his loved ones and lets Lo come came up to the Penthouse. But having gained true friends and experienced the simpler pleasures of a surf bum's life, can Lo go back to the way things were as if nothing had happened?

Season 2 episodesEdit

The Make-Out Fake-Out Edit

Lo runs into Curtis, a guy she dated last summer but dumped because he wasn't cute enough. A year has gone by, and now he's a hottie!

Surf Surf Revolution Edit

Reef is so busy teaching kooks surfing, he has no time to catch waves of his own. He teams up with Broseph and Johnny to build the STOKE (Surf Teaching Out of Control Educator), a video game/surfboard hybrid that will teach his students without even having to get into the water.

The Captain, The Grom, His Job and Her Dream Edit

After a terrible day on the job thanks to Lo's slacking and Reef's tormenting, Fin applies for a job as surf instructor with rival hotelier Captain Ron.

Will the Real Broseph Please Stand Up Edit

Reef and Fin are excited when Hollywood star Noah Little arrives at the hotel and needs surf lessons for an upcoming movie role.

I Like Beaver Butts and I Cannot Lie Edit

Fin is stoked to compete against Reef and Broseph, but the dudes blow off their surf match to snack on Beaver Tails instead. After tasting a delicious Beaver Tail, Bummer recruits the dudes to sell his own knockoff tails (called "Beaver Butts") at the hotel.

Sick Day Edit

Johnny, Fin, Broseph and Reef are worked to the bone by Bummer. Dying for a day off, the groms create a fake surfer's holiday known as "Sick Day" (Sick as in "AWESOME!"). Meanwhile, Ty cleans up some beach litter over Kelly's objections after a kook trashed it. Emma helps out, courtesy of Lo, spurring a jealous Kelly into action.

Channel Surfers Edit

Unpredictable waves inspire Johnny to set up a surf-cam on an outlook high above the beach, which turns out to be the exact place Reef and Lo use as their secret make-out spot!

Grommy the Vampire Slayer Edit

Reef and Johnny are convinced that a trio of Goth dudes staying at the hotel are actually vampires.

Grumpy Old Brahs Edit

Reef considers himself the island's top surfer, until he's forced to teach surfing to Mark and Todd Marvin.

Hunka Hunka Burning Reef Edit

After being annoyed by Reef and Lo's romantic antics, Fin and Johnny try to convince Reef that Lo is totally wrong for him. Meanwhile, Broseph and Emma risk their jobs to protect a sea turtle and its clutch of hatchlings.

The Boardy Brotherhood Edit

The guys find the most awesome pair of boardshorts (ever!) at the surf shop and pool their money to buy them.

Safety Last Edit

Fearing lawsuits from injured guests, Bummer creates a hotel safety patrol...and makes all the groms join up.

Clinging in the Rain Edit

A monster Pacific storm is bearing down on Surfer's Paradise, and everyone evacuates...except for the groms, who get left behind thanks to slacker Broseph missing the evacuation order!

My Fair LeslieEdit

Mr. Ridgemount wants Lo to attend his art show. He's even set her up with a date. Lo gets out of the date by lying to her dad that her boyfriend Reef is actually smart, sophisiticated, and plays the saxophone.


Ripper is the life of the party at Surfer's Paradise, but when he is on lifeguard duty, he's all business. To loosen Ripper up, Broseph challenges him to a farting contest that goes horribly wrong.

Bad SportsEdit

There's a job posting for Sports and Activities Director, and Fin decides to apply. Reef finds out the job will make Fin his boss, so he applies for it too. An epic sports battle ensues, who will get the job?

(500) Days of BummerEdit

Bummer falls in love with Chrissy, a guest at the hotel. But he won't ask her out, because it would violate his "No Dating the Guest" rule. The groms decide to play matchmaker, but have they done the wrong thing?

The ReefinatorEdit

Broseph eating a sandwich and getting sick over it, while Johnny makes a lot of bets regarding Reef getting into a fight.

Dirty Little Secret, Nerdy Little SecretsEdit

Gromfest is coming up, and Fin is in full training mode. But there's an unexpected challenger for her crown: Emma!

Sweet, Sweet, Meat CheatEdit

Lo decides to go vegetarian, and threatens to dump Reef if he doesn't join her. Unfortunately, Reef is a major meat-atarian, and his brahs Johnny and Broseph are tempting him with delicious meat from a local hot dog festival.

To Catch a ReefEdit

There's a thief stalking Surfer's Paradise, and Bummer wants Johnny and Broseph to hunt him down! Meanwhile, the normally broke Reef suddenly seems to have all kinds of money...

Surfer's Got TalentEdit

Bummer decides to up the entertainment value at the hotel by throwing a talent contest featuring the staff. The winner gets a four day weekend, but to get it, they'll have to put on an amazing original show of talent.

Groms on StrikeEdit

After a series of unfortunate mishaps, the groms finally get fed up with their living conditions and declare a strike! But when Bummer and the senior staff turn up the pressure on the groms to get back to work, will they stay united in the face of adversity?

Heartbreak HotelEdit

The guys get a rare weekend off, and Reef decides they'll take a manly dude weekend, to get in touch with their inner dude. Only one problem: Fin overhears their plans, and she wants in.

All We Are Saying is Give Reef a ChanceEdit

Mr. Ridgemount's had enough of Lo dating a surf bum, and he offers her the bribe of a brand new car if she'll dump Reef. When Lo takes the car but keeps seeing Reef anyway, Mr. R vows to fire Reef.

Grom FestEdit

It's time for Gromfest, the most epic teen surf competition on the west coast. Everyone's stoked to tear up some waves! Everyone, that is, except Johnny, who has to take care of a sick Bummer.