Season 1: 2013-2014Edit

1 "Cloudy With a Chance of Maltballs"/"Dance of the Dead" (premiered June 10, 2013) — The series premiere episode.

  • In "Cloudy With a Chance of Maltballs", Corey must impress Cherry Grapestain to get Grojband music into her new movie.
  • In "Dance of the Dead", Corey's lyrics cause a zombie to rise from the dead.

2. "Pox N'Roll"/"No Strings Attached" (premiered June 11, 2013)

  • In Pox N'Roll, Grojband hosts' a party and the theme is chicken pox.
  • In No Strings Attached, when Corey's favorite animatronic band, Bubble Bunch are force into retirement (thanks to Trina's fear of Puppets) they take up the gig as being the new Band.

3. "In-D Road Ranger"/"Math of Kon" (premiered June 12, 2013)

  • In In-D Road Ranger, Corey enters the band into a local race.
  • In Math of Kon, when Trina reveals to Mayor Mellow that Kon had failed Math for 6 years, Corey makes him a deal in which if Kon wins the "Tri-Math-athon" then Grojband will be allowed play on live tv for the nerds to see them. Meanwhile we see that Trina lives a double life as a nerd and competes in the "Tri-Math-athon".

4. "Space Jammin'"/"Wish Upon a Jug" (premiered June 13, 2013)

  • In Space Jammin, while trying to make their own band festival, Grojband encounters Orb-like aliens who challenge them to a battle of the bands in which if the Grojband loses, the the orbs will destroy the earth. Meanwhile, after making Mina stay in line, Trina realizes that Mina is next in line with Nick Mallory and believes she and Nick will become a couple.
  • In Wish Upon a Jug, when Trina finds a Genie in one of the Jugs that Grojband were using for a hoedown gig, she first wishes that Corey and the others couldn't play music anymore and uses her second wish to go on a date with Nick Mallory. When Corey finds a Genie and wishes that Trina had a pig face, both of them wish for a million wishes and begin to barrage of wishes to mess with the other.

5. "All You Need is Cake"/"Helment" (premiered June 14, 2013)

  • In All You Need is Cake, Corey and Laney must fall in love in order for the band to sing at a wedding and get cake
  • In Helment,

6. "Monster of Rock"/"One-Plant Band (premiered June 17-18, 2013)

  • In Monster of Rock, when a Sewer creature has kidnap kids from Peaceville, it up to Grojband to free them before they are eaten.
  • In One-Plant Band, while praticing for a gig for a Vegan resturant, Grojband's music has caused Trina's project, a plant, to grow and has a mind of it own. When the plant decides to help them act like Vegan in order to get fool the owner, the plant uses a toxic to hypnotize Corey to do his bidding.

7. "Creep-Away Camp"/"Zoohouse Rock" (premiered June 19-20, 2013)

  • In Creep-Away Camp, when Grojband faces against their arc-enemies,The Newmans, in a battle of the bad camp contest where Trina announces that the winners who sings the scariest campfire song for the campers get a trophy while the losers must never play again. In order for a sure victory, Grojband seeks out a man named Blade Stabbington, who is best known to make the boring camp fire song the scariest.
  • In Zoohouse Rock, Trina has tricked the mayor into thinking that Corey and Grojband are bears that escaped from the zoo and need to be put back. Meanwhile Trina hosts a animal costume party in order to get Nick Mallory to come, only to have him hold a protest to let Corey and the others go, thinking they are real bears.

8. "Smash Up Terby"/"Queen Bee" (premiered June 21-24, 2013)

  • In Smash Up Terby, when Grojband gets a gig to play in an amusement park, they try to get Trina her "Diary Mode" so they can use what she wrote for lyrics. However Trina is distracted by Nick Mallory and wants him to like her so she remains calm. The band does everything in their power to get her to write in her diary.
  • In Queen Bee, Trina enters a pageant, and it's up to Grojband to make sure she wins in order to get new lyrics from her.

9. "DreamReaver" (premiered June 25, 2013) The first half-hour episode — Trina tries to use the power of visualizing her dreams to make them a reality. Grojband ventures into Trina's mind.

10. "Super Zeros"/"Knight to Remember" (premiered June 26-27, 2013)

  • In Super Zeros, the band pretends to be superheroes to appeal to young fans, but end up doing another than what they planned.
  • In Knight to Remember, the band play a LARP gig as royal minstrels.

11. "Hair Today, Kon Tomorrow"/"On the Air and Out to Sea"

  • In Hair Today, Kon Tomorrow, when Corey thinks hair is the next big thing for Grojband, they put on long wigs and play for a dog show, and Kon turns into a dog.
  • In On the Air and Out to Sea, when the band sets up a pirate radio station, they don't know that they interrupted real pirates listening to the radio. Then they are captured by them and must sing a sea shanty to escape.

12. "Line of Cred"/"Ahead Of Our Own Tone"

  • In Line of Cred,
  • In Ahead Of Our Own Tone, Corey and the band (except for Kin) go one year into the future to see what music is like, but when, Trina breaks the time machine and when she is the leader of the citizens of Peaceville (who has become robot zombies by using Blab Tab imbrain implant), it is up to Grojband to save the day and get everyone back to normal.

13. "Love in a Nethervator/"Six Strings of Evil"

  • In Love in a Nethervator, Corey and the band want to change elevator music. Meanwhile, Mina, Nick, and Trina are stuck in the elevator listening to Corey's music.
  • In Six Strings of Evil", Trina smashes Corey's guitar and Corey has to look for a new one, the only problem is the new guitar is evil. Meanwhile, Trina tries getting enough money for a bobblehead Nick Mallory.