Fin McCloudn
Fin McCloudn
Biographical Information
Real Name: Fin McCloudn
Age: 16
Job: Maid
Originally From: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Mother and Father


Sam McCloud (sister)
four brothers


Emma, Johnny, Broseph, Lo, Reef


Curtis (Broken-Up)



Character Information
Show: Stoked
First appearance: Welcome to Paradise, Dudes!
Voiced by: Katie Crown

Fin McCloud is one of the six main characters on Stoked. She is fiercely independent and girlishly feminine, but also fun-loving and laid-back. She never backs down from a challenge and uses surf lingo on a regular basis. Fin has won first place in the Junior Surfing Competition three years in a row, and is ranked #56 in the world. Initially she was supposed to be the surf instructor at Surfer's Paradise Ridgemount Resort]], but Reef got the job instead and she was given a position in housekeeping.


Fin makes fast friends with Broseph, Emma and Lo, but from the moment she and Reef actually speak to one another, they become rivals, due to his belief that men are better at surfing than women. From that point on, she is almost always hostile towards Reef, though it is hinted that they are crushing on each other. Lo and Emma are always teasing Fin about Reef and trying to get the two of them together. In "Waves of Cheese", they tease Fin about him in a hotel room, Lo teases Fin by saying that she "wants to marry him and have a hundred of his little surfer babies!" though Fin denies liking him. And in "Fast Times when the Rip Tide's High", while Reef and Fin are "stranded", Emma and Lo believe they cut work to hook up together and spread the rumor to Broseph and Johnny.

Fin runs a website called "". The idea of the website was inspired by Fin when she was doing her job cleaning the hotels rooms and stumbled upon one that was seriously gross. She and Rosie put pictures up of gross rooms on the website and have people comment on them. In one room which Fin nicknamed "the dumpster" was a super cute guy named Marshall, who later found out about the website. Even though it cost her a cute guy, she continues to run the website.


  • Fin is a native of Halifax, Nova Scotia. She grew up there before going to Sunset Beach for the summer, to work at Surfer's Paradise Resort.
  • Kahuna reffer to her as "The Battle-axe from Halifax"
  • Fin is voiced by Katie Crown, who also voices Izzy from the Total Drama series.
  • She has a purple surfboard with a wavy design.
  • According to her Teletoon profile, Fin is the ultimate surfer girl.
  • She is the tomboy in the group, but her Teletoon profile says that she is a bit girly.
  • Fin likes sci-fi movies but the fans creep her out.
  • She owns some bikinis that she admits are a bit on the revealing side.
  • She was said to have a longboard, DVD player, and a private bedroom.